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Dreamy Sikh Wedding With The Yadav Family

Naveen and bhumika wedding in Gurugram was a exception as it occoured in Gurudwara.
filmphic Panjabi wedding

Sometimes virtual friendships evolve into heartwarming love stories, and Bhumika & Naveen is one such couple that made us believe that it happens in real life more often than we think! Keeping the modern hues at bay, Simar opted for a classic red bridal lehenga and exuded every bit of magnificence that she wanted. What left us spellbound were the wedding pictures, that went a notch up with a breathtaking dresses.

From timeless outfits to minimal decor, this Vancouver wedding is a must to bookmark for oodles of ideas and inspiration.

From The Bride

I'm Indian but was born and raised in Gurugram. I wanted an Indian fusion wedding so I could have the best of both worlds. I have been obsessed with the Yaduvanshi culture since I was a child so for my Husband I wanted bright fun colours incorporated with a bit of that. For my wedding I wanted to keep it a traditional Indian regal theme as I've always dreamed of wearing a red lengha and feeling like a Queen on my wedding day. For the reception we went for a simple white elegant floral theme to go with my white wedding dress and Jesse's tux. The wedding events were almost a week long but it felt like it flew by in the blink of an eye. It was definitely my dream wedding and the happiest week of my life. As much as I loved celebrating with my family and friends, and loved every second of it my favorite part was seeing my brother walked me into the Gurdwara! As for my photoraphers, I did my research before selecting them, each one was amazing and went beyond my expectations. Filmphic productions had an unique team, and filmphic is already a brand in Wedding Photographers in Agra and Delhi. I am very happy with the work they have given us.

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