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50 Amazing Quotes for the wedding invitation card

While choosing the wedding cards for the wedding, you can always ask the vendor to add a wedding quote on the wedding card. This not only makes the wedding invitation more personalized but also makes it more engaging and adding fun and romantic quotes to the invitation can be great for your wedding. We choose some amazing quotes for the wedding invitation which you can choose from as we are the best photograpger in agra:

Quotes for the Wedding Invitation:

For the one who decided on forever

The together forever quote to represent the bond of the groom and bride and that they decided to be each other for forever.

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The couple who still can’t believe its happening Filmphic provides the best solutions to them

This quote is a perfect way to show how much they are in aw and how much they are excited for the wedding that is going to happen.This for the guests who are coming for the open bar

To add a fun quote for all your friends and cousins who are to going to be there for the party at your wedding. This is to remind them there is a wedding also along with the open bar.

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